September 6, 2009

The Day After

What I learned from our wedding:

- Sucking in your stomach for 8 hours is hard work.
- 3 piece suits can get hot.
- People like ice cream.
- People love the smoked sea bass from the Canton Restaurant (seriously one of the best tasting dishes I ever had)
- Guys wearing fake mustaches are entertaining.

Allison and I are both truly grateful for the generosity of our family and friends, who not only gave us an outstanding amount of gifts, but also contributed many hours of hard work to make our wedding day awesome.


eva said...

congratulations cal!

david said...

lana & i are were more than happy to help make your wedding day so memorable. next time, we'll use real mustaches.

Tim said...

Congrats Cal! Thanks for including Jen and I in your special day. We loved the sea bass too (although since Jen's pregnant and not supposed to each much seafood she only got one bite...ah well, left more for me).

nicole said...

Cal, the sea bass rocked! Your wedding was great thanks for including us. May God bless you and Allison