August 19, 2009

Street parking isn't so easy to find in Japantown where I work in the summer. It's made even worse by all the construction going on in the area. It's made worse by the freaking 2 hour parking rules which I will abolish once I am President.

I saw an open stretch of sidewalk as I was walking to my car, preparing to move to a new spot. It was between 2 driveways and there was enough space for 2 cars to easily fit, so I was going to drive over and park there. I see a driver in one of those little Smart Cars pull up to park in the spot. No problem, there will still be plenty of space for me to fit behind the car. Then she backs up and parks her tiny half-ass car right in the middle of the 2 open spaces.

I don't mind if a huge truck does this, since nobody else can park there anyways. But the point of having the tiny little car is so you can find parking anywhere easily. I found it ironic that she was making parking more difficult for other drivers. What a jerk!

Of course, I was not cool with this. After I parked about a block away, I walked back to the little Smart car, gave it a push and put it on its side. Park at 90 degrees, sucker!

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