May 12, 2009

Just about everyone knows I never cry. Not if I got stabbed in the leg. Not while chopping onions. Not even if I got hit by a bus. (By the way, I determined I could get hit by a bus at 15 mph and just get up and walk away. It hasn't been tested of course, but I'm more than 95% certain a 7 ton vehicle at a mere 15 mph wouldn't keep me down. If it gets up over 20 mph, it might do some damage.)

Last week, I was talking to some folks about how some movies can get guys to tear up a bit and almost cry. Even tough guys like me. I can think of three such movies.

A war movie where Tom Hanks and friends die to save Matt Damon (Saving Private Ryan), a overly dramatic space movie where Ben Affleck almost dies but saves the world as Bruce Willis dies (Armageddon), and a movie where Sean Astin gets to play football (Rudy). Even though I have all three of these on dvd, if I catch a scene of any of these movies playing on tv, I usually watch it to the end.

I also have to add that these movies have not actually made me cry at any time. It's still just almost. I might crack if we bring back the 3 tv setups and had all three movies on simultaneously. Or if someone ever made a dramatic film featuring athletes in spaceships involved in a war that was not called Starship Troopers.

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hk alex said...

how about space jam?