May 22, 2009

I choose not to drink. I'm not lactose intolerant. (My body tolerates all kinds of sugar.) I just like drinking beverages like Pepsi more than milk.

However, in my continued quest to improve my health by cutting out soda, I have started drinking more milk. (It's either milk or beer. Can't have a Bud Light at 9 in the morning.) Today I drank mocha flavored milk. Last week I drank strawberry milk. At home, I just finished off a half gallon of chocolate milk. I only drink white milk with a bowl of Lucky Charms and it must be at least 2%. I can't stand the nonfat or 1% stuff.

I guess I really like the artificial colors and flavors. Allison got me a healthy version of Lucky Charms called Marshmallow Oaties, where the package says 'no phony flavors or colors' and it's not quite the same. I like it when the milk changes color because of the phony colors and flavors in the marshmallows. I should convince some company to add more artificial colors and flavors to milk. Green mint or blueberry flavored/colored milk would be cool.

I'll still offer $50 to anyone who can drink and keep down a gallon of at least 2% milk within an hour. If they make the blue milk, I might do this myself some day.

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Richard Simmons said...

8 oz Pepsi: 100cal, 28g sugar, 0 fat
8 oz 2% milk: 123cal, 12g sugar, 5g fat
8 oz whole milk: 147cal, 13g sugar, 8g fat