March 16, 2009

Mid-March means another year of bracket fun. Since I havent' watched any college hoops, I'm keeping it simple. I'm bringing back a few of my classic rules for this year though.

-No directional schools or non-state 'State' schools. I don't know what category East Tennessee State fits into, but it's in the loser column.

- No school named after people. As great as Stephen F Austin and Robert Morris may have been, they are going into the loser column.

- Avoid as many automatic qualifiers as you can. Those are the happy to be here teams.

- The only stats I look at are opponents' fg % and a teams' 3 pt shooting %. Cal is the leader in 3 pt %. Memphis is a number 2 seed the leader in opp. fg %. If they meet in the second round, this is where my unmovable object meets the irresistible force, or something like that. At the risk of losing the $1,000,000 bracket challenge, I have Cal surviving the first weekend.

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