February 9, 2009

Mad Cal's Loser List:

1. Chris Brown - A man who hits a woman is a jerk. When that woman happens to be Rihanna, words cannot describe the punishment this man deserves.

2. Alex Rodriguez - Apparently, steroids don't help you hit better in the playoffs. At least he pretended he was sorry. I hope he hits 68 home runs to help the Yankees finish in 3rd place.

3. Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto - Made this comment last week regarding passing a bill that will delay the conversion to digital tv: "We are not ready for this transition. We can fix these problems and minimize this catastrophe if we pass this legislation." Banks are going crazy, people have no jobs, but at least we don't have the catastrophe of not being able to watch Dr. Phil on tv. (To be fair, I probably should add most of our elected officials on this list right now, especially those in California.)

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