February 13, 2009

I'm currently hooked on ESPN's Streak for the Cash game. I used to think it was dumb, and it is, but I'm still completely sucked in. If you can pick 27 winner in a row by the end of March, you win $100K or some large amount of cash.

My streak currently stands at 5. I just need 22 more correct picks in a row. (Current leader is at 18.) I've had 2 different streaks of 3 broken when I picked against the Warriors this past week. My next pick is that Kenny Perry will have a better 2nd round score in the than JB Holmes in whatever golf tournament is going on at Pebble Beach.

Picks breakdown by sport since I started playing this game:
NHL 3-0
International soccer 2-0-1
Golf 1-0
College hoops 6-1
NBA 0-3 (Where streak busting happens!)

If Kenny Perry pulls through for me, I'm going to enter my first NASCAR pick: Kyle Busch in the truck race. I can't wait until they get some rugby or lacrosse action in the game.

Update: Kenny Perry bogeyed the 17th while this JB Holmes loser birdied 3 of the last 4 holes to kill my streak.

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