December 23, 2008

When you stay up late to watch tv like I do, you see some interesting things for sale. There's a few 'How to make millions on the internet' CD's. There's drugs for male enhancement. There's exercise machines to help you lose 30 pounds and 12 inches fast. And then there's this: Historic Victory Plate.

This is funny to me for a few reasons.
First, straight from the website: Due to the unprecedented demand, there is a strict limit of 2 Victory plates per order. I was hoping to get a set of 6 so I could use it when entertaining guests.
Second, it reminds me of the old Joe Schmo real-fake-reality contest show from a few years back. For some reason, my roommate Danny loved watching that show. It was all a setup with actors and one 'contestant,' but the funny thing was whenever someone got voted off the show, the host would take a plate with that person's face on it and throw it into the fireplace. It is worth the 18 seconds to see this in action. I wonder if Republicans are buying these up in anticipation of someday smashing the plates. Perhaps that is what is causing the unprecedented demand.
(Of course, today it seems like everyone in San Francisco is already mad at Obama and the man hasn't even officially started yet.)

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