November 30, 2008

I had a couple of days off from work so I decided to play auto mechanic.

On Thursday, I found out the hard way that I needed a new car battery. (made me late for football. Cars in NASCAR have 2 batteries, just in case the main one fails during a race. Unfortunately, most stock vehicles only have one. So on Friday, I went to Costco, bought a 4 pack of car batteries and went about trying to install it in my vehicle.

Every time I attempt to do work on my car, here's what happens:
1. I look up tips on how to do it online.
2. I start removing the broken parts off my car.
3. I realize I don't have a certain tool or that another part I don't have with me also needs to be replaced.
4. I need to borrow someone else's car (since my car is missing a wheel, brakes, or other essential part at this point) and drive to Kragen.
5. I put the pieces back where I think they belong.
6. Say a quick prayer.
7. Start the car and hope it can drive.

This time was no different. (I decided to replace one of the battery cables because it had been corroded by the old battery.) But at the end of the day, a new battery was in the car, nobody got electrocuted, and the Camry rolls again. I also changed the oil and put on new wiper blades. All I need now is for someone to wash the thing for me and it'll be good as new.

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