October 29, 2008

Halloween isn't something I celebrate, but it can be a fun time. There's the free candy. There's women and teenage girls dressed like porn stars in public. The best thing is that it means another sequel to Saw is in theaters. I don't pay $10.25 to watch very many movies, but I am a big fan of this gruesome horror series.

The fifth installment can be summed up in three sentences: Worst. Saw. Ever.
By far, the poorest written story of the bunch, way too lame and predictable. The film depended too much on flashbacks explaining the previous movies. The death traps weren't even that great. In fact, this was the first Saw movie where I felt if I were in those live-or-die situation, I would be able able to escape with no problem.

Vh1 is currently having yet another reality competition called Scream Queens, where the winning actress will get a part in Saw 6. (I think it's going to depend on which girl is willing to get naked with the director.) I am hoping that next year's movie will be better, but if roles are being given out via a tv show, the Magic 8 ball is telling me 'outlook not so good.'

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