October 28, 2008

Baseball is waiting to crown a World Series champion. So much for it always being sunny in Philadelphia (10pm Thurs on fx). Guess I can't blame them for not playing. I'm the guy who used to call in sick on rainy days.

Baseball, more than any other sport, is about statistics and numbers. 714, then 755, now 762 and 73 HR's. 300 wins, 200 hits, all cool stuff. But I think it goes a little too far now during the tv broadcast. I don't need to know that Shane Victorino is batting .265 with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 3rd and a 2-2 count or that Rocco Baldelli is batting .271 vs left-handed pitchers in night games on the road.

If the Giants want to be in the playoffs next year, they should hire Mike Singletary to be their manager. Or go out and sign Manny Ramirez.

World Series Taco notes: Taco Bell is offering a free taco to everyone today (10/27) between 2-6pm because someone stole a base in the World Series. Not sure how staling a base relates to tacos, but I'm not complaining.

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