June 18, 2008

I went to watch Bengie Molina play last night. Detroit beat San Francisco 5-1. The Giants still have a long way to go to catch up to any of the major league teams talent-wise, but it's the closest thing to professional baseball I can watch here. I'm going to add 'Pitch an inning for the SF Giants and give up less than 3 runs' to the list of professional sports feats I think I can do.

I think it's that sad the Giants are marketing this huge push for SF fans to vote for Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand as All Stars. Why encourage fans to support such a worthless cause?
Even with a dozen donuts at the finish line, Bengie wouldn't be able to outrun a sumo wrestler over 50 meters. I could spot him 20 meters and still beat him. He's not currently in the top 5 vote getters and isn't even the highest ranked Molina. Aaron Rowand has been a decent player, but leading the Giants in home runs (8) and OPS (.855) is like getting the top score on a test in a remedial math class. I don't know how far down the list Rowand currently is (outside top 15), but unless if the team decides to carry 28 OF's, he's not making it. I'm pretty sure all the SF players with the exception of Tim Lincecum will be taking a nice little vacation in mid-July.

Rather than celebrate the All-Star Weekend, which was done last year here already, I propose the Giants hold their own All Star festivities and Fanfest. Strike out Jose Castillo, win a t-shirt. Get a hit off Zito, win a hat. If you hit it to the water, you win a minor league contract. It'll be the SF version of that lousy Pros vs. Joes show.
Charge $20 a person and use the funds generated to offer Barry Bonds a contract for the rest of the year. Last night, we discussed how SF should sign Barry just to play the home games, even as a pinch hitter. He sure would have helped last night. Instead we get the great Emmanuel Burriss striking out with the bases loaded in the 9th inning.

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