April 14, 2008

You want to know why people in small cities in California, Daly City in particular, are bitter? It's because we have to work on Mondays.

My brother and I both refuse to eat bitter melon. It doesn't stop our parents from cooking it occasionally during our family dinners, but they know to make smaller portions because we won't touch that stuff.
Some people told me it's an acquired taste, but why would I ever want to get used to eating something that taste so bad? It's not like bitter melon offers a lot of health benefits. Even if it did, living a long life eating bitter melon might not be worth it. I would rather die young and have my Taco Bell and KFC. In fact, I'm pretty sure Taco Bell and KFC are already making sure that I will die young.

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runnerrunner said...

I need to pay up some steaks to the Poon Brothers - pick a time.