April 28, 2008

The NFL Draft was this past weekend and I did not watch a single minute of it. I tried to avoid all the draft shows and Mel Kiper Jr's hair as much as I could all last week.

All they are doing is picking teams! Of course, unlike us on the playground, then their players get picked, they get handed $25M in guaranteed contracts, which is totally ridiculous. No professional league in the world needs to revamp their rookie pay scale more than the NFL. Playing well in college and having the potential to play well actually pays better than being a 8 time All-Pro performer on the field in the NFL.

I also love it when players get upset because their team picked someone else who plays the same position as them, as Chunky Soup (Donovan McNabb) did last year and Chris Baker did this year. I saw the headline on ESPN.com and actually laughed. 84% of you should be saying 'Chris Baker, who?' The other 16%, if you drafted Baker in your fantasy league, you better have been playing in a 14 team league that starts 2 TE's.

I hate selfish me-first players. If my softball team told me 'Hey, we picked up another guy who plays your position,' I would either work harder so I can prove I deserve that spot or find some other way to help the team out. I'm sure some athletes have this attitude and use it as motivation to improve their performance and I like that.
If professional athletes being paid tons of cash started complaining when the team made roster moves to improve the team, I'd suspend them for conduct detrimental to team then have a huge press conference to say 'We drafted this guy because we think [selfish or overpaid player] is not good enough.' It's too bad I'm not an NFL GM.

For these reasons, my current favorite head coach is Cincy's Marvin Lewis. (New England's evil genius is number 2.) He called out and basically dared Chad Johnson to sit out the year as Johnson was threatening to if he is not traded or does not get a big contract extension. All these athletes talk big, but money talks bigger to these guys. (see CHI LB Lance Briggs, who last year said he would never play for the Bears again.) In sports, it's never about family or championships. It's always about the money. Football players only have so many years where they can play in the league and to sit out a year in your athletic prime is stupid.

Looking over the draft results, ESPN list 6 kickers, 1 punter and 1 long snapper. (SEA drafted the long snapper in round 6 before taking Cal RB Justin Forsett in the 7th.) I'm surprised more marginal linemen don't learn how to get good at long snapping and make themselves more marketable to NFL teams. I occasionally practice my punting and kicking skills just in case I ever get to do that pass-punt-kick thing for $10,000 at the games.

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