April 23, 2008

My classroom defies the space-time continuum.

There are some days where time just flies by because there's a lot to do. Then there are some days where time flies by because they are fixing the clocks. It's the old wall mounted centrally controlled clocks. The time is always fast. Sometime by 5 or 6 minutes, sometimes by 2 or 3 hours. After most the students leave (usually about 4pm), they often try to adjust the clocks. However, since the clocks can't move backwards, they have to advance the minute hand about 22 hours ahead to get it to the right time. I hear and see tick-tick-tick-tick. Hours pass by in a matter of minutes. And as soon as the clock gets fast forwarded to 5:30, I'm out the door!

And then there are days like today, where it seems the clock is stuck in slow motion.

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