March 3, 2008

Recycling: Good for the earth, bad for my health.

1. Due to the amount of Pepsi products consumed in my lifetime, I have probably recycled more aluminum cans than the entire state of Idaho. I guess it's still somewhat healthier than recycling bottles of Jack Daniels.

2. I was breaking down cardboard boxes to stuff into the recycling bin yesterday and ended up with 2 big paper cuts on my left hand. It hurt so much I started to cry.
(Ha! Just kidding! I have conditioned my body to tolerate so much pain it would take getting eaten alive by a great white shark to get me to cry. And just in case that might actually happen, I had my tear ducts surgically removed.)

3. To cut down on paper waste at work, I just do less work. Less work = less papers = less waste. Of course, this will eventually lead to less job and less money, meaning I may have to keep one of those cardboard boxes around to use as a shelter. Cardboard boxes don't provide much protection from the rain or cold, so I'll probably get sick. Maybe I should just stick to recycling those Pepsi cans and carpooling.

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