February 12, 2008

I am slowly turning into the Jim Rome Softball Guy. Not Angry Softball Guy or Stat Whore, but Bat Guy. Metal bats, composite bats, wooden bats, vampire bats, I got em all. I've been building up my arsenal. I've even picked up some bats that I probably will never hit with (for use by teammates).

In our current winter league, there is us, one team that is terrible, and 2 other teams that are pretty good. We beat the weak team twice. The other 2 teams have beaten us once each going into tonight's game.

In our first game against tonight's opponent, we broke or damaged a few of our bats, played a sloppy game and lost 25-23. Since that game, as a team, we have spent close to a $1000 on new bats. And in tonight's rematch, armed with our superior equipment, we blasted a few home runs and lost by 11. (One of my new bats is better than steroids.) But if there ever was a good loss to take, this was it. They will be our playoff opponent in 2 weeks. My secret plan as interim team manager was to give this team a false sense of confidence going into the games that count. By then, I should have another 3 or 4 bats that will guarantee victory.

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