January 14, 2008

We're starting play in a winter softball league this Tuesday. A few days of practice and a visit to my personal trainer for some B12 shots, and I'm ready to go. I even have the high powered position of assistant to the team manager! I don't get to cut or trade anyone, but I get to coach 1st base during the even numbered innings.

The field is an all-weather turf surface. I don't like the turf at home plate when I'm hitting, but it's better than playing in mud. The diamond seems to be pretty favorable for hitters. It's 249 down the right field line, 268 to right center, 320 to straight away center, about 850 to left center and at least 700 down the left field line. (It's part of a double field.) I'm going to try and park at least one over the short fence in right. One per game that is. Or make a lot of outs trying.

At the managers meeting (which was also open for their assistants), the league director made a big deal about how so many teams were cheating with illegal bats. Rolling, shaving, painting, all kinds of stuff. Some of these 'hot' bats can supposedly launch the ball at speed close to 120 mph. I did some quick math. As the pitcher, I stand about 50 feet away from home plate. At 120 mph, the ball can get back to me in .284 seconds. Then the league director told us a story about how a guy lost an eye because he got drilled while pitching. I can't wait to play.

Update: We won 16-7 or something like that. No eyes or limbs were lost in this game. We are now in the playoffs.

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