January 9, 2008

Now that the BCS and bowl debacles are over and the debates rages on, there are only 7 more football games left this season. It hasn't been a very profitable venture so far, so for this week only, all my picks are free. No 1-900 numbers or credit cards needed.

GB -8 vs SEA
I'm sure the NFL is going to fix this game to keep the feel good Brett Favre stories going.

NE -13.5 vs JAC
I really like Garrard and the Jags, but the Patriots aren't losing. In fact, I think they might win by 28.

DAL -7.5 vs NYG
Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson. Eli Manning has an unstoppable watch and is a member of the Mad Cal Blacklist. Do the math. Or whatever subject this falls under.

INDY -8.5 vs SD
LT has one tv commercial. Peyton has 45. And you know Manning is still fuming about that 6-int game from earlier this year.

That's right, I'm going with all the home teams. As for the home town team, I am excited about the 49ers new offensive coordinator, Mike Martz.

Mike Martz + 49ers lack of quality receivers = potential return of Az-Zahir Hakim to the NFL!

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Calvin said...

Football picks didn't go so well this weekend. It's down to a do-or-die championship weekend.