November 5, 2007

The Writers Guild of America is going on strike. I'm usually not a fan of unions because they go on strike when they are already in much more privileged situations than I am so I feel no sympathy for their cause. (For example, I hate the NBA, NFL, or MLB players unions. I make exceptions for unions involving teachers and marine biologists.) But if this writers' strike goes on for a while, some of my tv shows could be in trouble. At least I've got a few seasons of DVD's and Man vs. Wild to watch if it comes down to that.

I've always thought a lot of the writers for tv shows such as [pick any FOX comedy] are terrible and that I could do a better job. You've got to start somewhere, so I'm co-writing our church's Christmas play this year. A nice Christmas message featuring Jesus with a bit of comedy, and just enough gratuitous sex and violence to keep it exciting.

Although my typing speed may be slowed because of an injury to my 'k-i-,' finger. This is also the same finger that I use to show the San Diego Chargers that they are now number 1 on the Mad Cal Blacklist. [Warning: Mad Cal ranting.] How can a team that is expected to challenge for the Super Bowl (SD) lose to a team (Min) that features Tavarias Jackson and Brooks Bollinger at quarterback? These 2 guys would not be drafted even in a 75 round fantasy draft. I'm no defensive coordinator, but once a guy runs for 200 yards while his team passes for about 40, I might think about putting an extra guy or three in the box to stop him.

In other football rantings, 49ers QB Alex Smith really sucks. One of KNBR's radio hosts (who I won't name because I can't stand him, but he's Tom Tolbert's partner) has this 'Free Alex' campaign, where he wants the coaches to let Alex Smith make plays or whatever. Free Alex alright. Cut him now and let him go. Let's hope the 49ers learn from this $24M mistake and drafts a QB in the 3rd or 4th round next year. Maybe we can go the Vinnie Testaverde old man route and sign Jeff George or maybe even George Blanda if he's available.

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