September 18, 2007

Season 3 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia opened with one of the characters joining a group of environmentalist to save a tree. Of course, he was just being self-serving and did it to get a girl and get back at the tree group leader.

There are real life tree people who have been camping out in Berkeley. It really makes me wonder how some people's minds work. It takes a special mindset for one to basically give up one's life (by sitting and sleeping in an oak grove) to save the life of a tree. I'm guessing many of these tree sitters don't eat any kind of animal meat, so they must eat a lot of salads. What makes this tree more special than the lettuce and tomato plants that must be sacrificed for their meals?

SF Gate did a few profiles of some of these campers. I'll share some of the highlights with you. There are people named 'Makeshift', 'Ayr', and 'Hash Hen.' When one woman was asked why she spent 4 months in a tree, here's what she said: "I climbed a tree to save myself.I came down because I wanted to run. I wanted to run on all fours, actually, like an animal."

Maybe they were using too much of a certain plant when the interviews were done.

I recycle. I don't toss my paint cans into the ocean. I have nothing against preserving nature and doing good things for the environment. But camping out in a tree for months on end? That's just stupid.

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