September 10, 2007

Cough cough.

I've been a little sick lately. Had a bad case of Lotto Fever. That was cured instantly when someone claimed the $93M jackpot. I don't know why, but when the jackpot is $9M, I feel no inclination to play the lottery. Something changes when the jackpot gets up near the $60M range. Because somehow, winning $9M isn't good enough to risk my five bucks for, but $65M is. I feel like a freaking NFL player holding out for a $39M contact because $31M just isn't enough.
2007 lottery winnings to date: -$9

I do have another gambling disease: Parlayitis

I could be winning the majority of my football bets, definitely above the 60% break even mark, if not for my love of the parlay bet. My problem is that I tend to get too greedy and play 3 or 4 team parlays so I can get the big payouts, as long as all the teams come through. When one team blows a game on a parlay ticket and cost me a big payout, that team goes on my gambling blacklist and I root against them for the rest of the year (and sometimes the following year as well).

First team to be blacklisted this year: Nebraska. Can't wait until USC crushes them this week. At the pro level, the Philadelphia Eagles have been put on probation.


Calvin said...

In the early games this week, I like Oklahoma St -10 v Troy
TCU -8 v Air Force
West Virginia -16.5 v Maryland

I feel a 3 game parlay coming on...

runnerrunner said...

Don't do it! Just pay the juice

runnerrunner said...

West Virginia is 2-5 ATS when playing Maryland. Although they beat them 45 to 24 at home last year (-17).

Calvin said...

Stupid TCU.

Good thing I covered myself by taking WV straight up.