August 18, 2007

More proof that adults are really just big kids with more money and less time to play: Playground mentality comes to the office
I remember a few months ago, I went with some friends to play badminton (not really my sport), but all the courts in the gym were taken by some hardcore players, so we went out to the lobby area and made up a modified 4-square game using the badminton rackets and birdies, which I found more entertaining.

The childhood games never lose their appeal. It really brings out the competitive nature in people. The hard part is getting people to play. But once they're in the game, it gets fun. This is because some people were really good athletes back in the days and think they can still do just as well now, even if their body tells them otherwise. Then there are those who were not so great and were always picked last, but now have developed some more muscles and want a chance to prove they can compete with the jocks.

We've done the Amazing Race and are currently working on a half marathon, but I want to set up a kickball game sometime soon. Just need to find enough players and a suitable elementary school site.

I guess one of the sad things about youth nowadays is the way technology has influenced them in terms of recreation. Instead of playing ball, they are busy listening to their iPods or texting each other on their phones, or playing Counter-strike/Playstation/X-Box/Ninetendo DS, etc. I'm really shocked at how many high school and even college aged kids have no idea about how baseball/softball is played and how many guys throw like girls*.

*I've discussed 'throwing like a girl' many times with many people and it is not meant to be a misogynist term, as I have met many women who throw better than their male counterparts on the same team. It is just a reference to an unnatural looking throwing motion with no arm extension that results in a poorly thrown ball with minimal velocity.

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david said...

jennie finch is welcome on our team anytime.