March 15, 2007

My picks are in.

This year the bracket was much easier to fill out becasue I didn't have to decide when Cal would get knocked out. I usually convince myself that Cal can make a legit run to the round of eight even as a 10 seed.

As usual, I picked none of the non-state State schools. I only picked one directional school, Southern Illinois. (UNC does not count as a directional school because North is part of the state name.) Of course, Central Connecticut State had no chance in my bracket.

The only double digit seeds I picked to win a game are Gonzaga and Creighton. Gonzaga returns to its underdog role where it will thrive for a game. I picked Creighton to win 2 games because they have a player named Nate Funk.

Florida, UCLA, Texas, and Texas A&M. The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship trophy will join the NCAA Football Championship trophy in its display case on campus.

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