March 23, 2007

How do you lose $50 in eight minutes?

No, not by going to Lucky Chances. On Fridays, when I go in to the office, I park my car in 2 hour zones. It's either that or meters. I then go to check and move my car every 3.5 hours. I know, that's 1.5 hours too late, but I figure that the meter maid doesn't always come around right when I park. And then they have to wait at least 2.5 hours before they can come back and write any tickets. So somehow I came up a system that allows me to push the limit to 3.5 hours. And this has always worked for me in all my 11 years of parking, until today, when I should have used the 3.3 hours system.

It's probably another sign that I should be using my bike to get to work more often. But as I have said before, and even though I'm an adidas guy and I like the whole 'impossible is nothing' mantra, it truly is impossible to bike up the hill to get home. I nearly blew out a quad muscle the other day while going up the smaller hill to the condo. By the way, for all those that would have bet on my bike to work streak, the under would have won.

Those little meter maid scooters better be on the lookout today when I leave work.

Edit: I realize this was completely avoidable and I am the only one to blame. But if being around a middle school has taught me anything, it's that nothing is ever my fault.

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