December 19, 2006

Last year, I tried to make my picks on all the college bowl games and ended up 8-20. Not very good. But it also means I'm almost guaranteed to do better this year. Especially since there are 32 bowls by my count to pick winners in. I'll go a week at a time and hope to gain momentum for the big money bowls, where I may need to put some big money down if the early action kills me.

12/19 Poinsettia Bowl: TCU -12 vs N. Illinois hopefully will get off to a good start

12/21 Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon +3 vs BYU I know Vegas is overjoyed at the Mormon crowd flooding their city for the second year in a row.

12/22 New Orleans Bowl: Troy State +4.5 over Rice I am now allowing myself to support State schools that are not real states.

12/23 Bowl: East Carolina +4.5 vs South Florida I was forced to pick a directional school here.

12/23 New Mexico Bowl: San Jose State +3.5 vs New Mexico I'm picking a non-state State school against a team that is playing in a bowl which bears its same name. Despite NM's huge homefield advantage, I gotta go with the local boys.

12/23 Armed Forces Bowl: Tulsa +1 vs Utah ZZZZZZZZZ.

12/24 Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii -7 vs Arizona State I have to go by the same-team-name-as-the-bowl rule here.

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