October 8, 2006

Saturday Night Lights, Steak Challenges, and Small Car Commercials

The Cal game Saturday night was one of the best football games I had been to in recent years. It was a big game versus Oregon and I had never seen Memorial Stadium so packed. Cal came out wearing some ugly yellow uniforms and then proceeded to open up a Costco-sized can of whupass on the Ducks.

There was one fan behind us who kept yelling 'Get the Ducks out!' over and over while making quacking noises. He used the line about 34 times in the first half and was badly in need of new material. His quacking was pretty funny though.

Cal just needs to take care of business for the next few weeks and not get caught looking ahead to the USC game. Then it will be Rose Bowling for the Golden Bears.

Thanks to Benard, I received the first of my 2 Steak Challenge prizes. I made some kind of bet for a steak when we were playing golf about a year or so ago and finally got to collect. I have another steak dinner coming from winning my fantasy hockey league last year.

I am 2-0 in career steak challenges. I have another challenge coming up where I have to beat Peony in tennis. I will be using a racket that I bought for $5 in the clearance bin at Target while Peony will be using Brian's superior and much more expensive equiptment. The $5 racket has taken a lot of grief from other tennis players. I bought this racket a few months ago even though I had not played tennis in 12 years. I am unretiring just to compete in the steak challenge event. My inferior equiptment and superior tactics will lead me to victory.

My current favorite commercial on tv is the one for the Nissan Versa. They show big people cramming into small cars and offer a fix. I love the part where the guy sitting in the back seat gets a cake smashed into his chest. It's hilarious. I do not recommend anyone holding a cake in a car without a box or cover. It does not make me want to buy a Nissan Versa. I just appreciate the originality of it. Kind of like how the Jack-in-the-Box commercials are great, yet I never go there for my fast food needs.

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