October 16, 2006

Fall Olympic Day 1 Highlights
(I don't have the official stats with me, so it's only what I remember. Also remember that his was a competition for a bunch of guys and girls who for the most part are no longer involved in any serious athletic training programs.)

I was expecting a slow race here, but the lead pack took off and never stopped. In true Olympic spirit, Ben gave it 110% and finished in a blistering 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Martin finished 2nd in an impressive time of 2:34.

Softball Throw
This was changed to a distance only event, which helped a few competitors. I think Brian won this event with a throw of about 72 yards in the air. Bernard joined in during the last round and managed to place 3rd or 4th. He may need to get a new jersey number for softabll next season. Ben lay motionless on the grass for long periods of time between his turn, as he was currently at -10% from the last event.

Long Jump
Several of the professional long jumpers, Roger and Bernard did well in this event. Some unnamed non-professional long jumpers ended up just running through the pit instead. Martin used his super take-off speed to take first place with a jump of 17+ feet.

Long Distance Penalty Kick
The only event I did well in, taking first with a kick from 47 yards, as the favorite in this event Roger failed to convert from super long range. There was also a sudden death shootout between David and a broken-footed Allan for the last 2 spots.

Martin dominated this race with a finals time of 12.3. Despite a slow start, I barely scraped my way into the finals. I somehow was a step behind the start of the final heat as well, but since I had my one point for 6th place locked, it didn't matter. There was no car backfiring in the area for me to take advantage and jump the gun.

I've got lots of ground to make up in week 2. Translation: get me BALCO on the phone. I'm waiting for it to come down to the bonus round in the bible game. Must avoid the snake! (I dominate the snakes on a plane challenge round in the bible game.)

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