July 13, 2006

Today is my gramdma's birthday, so we're going to have dinner together. It also means I have to shave before dinner tonight. My family always gets on me when I let my facial hair grow out a bit. After a week or so, I can almost get a fake goatee look going. My grandma just says I should shave. My dad tells me I look like a thief or a thug. My mom says I look like Popeye's arch-enemy Bluto. Aside from the super-sized biceps, I look nothing like Bluto.

Not sure if I'm in the mood for dinner though. This afternoon, I was returning something to IKEA. I saw that they sold hot dogs for 50 cents there, and even though I had just eaten 2 slices of pizza less than an hour ago, I figure I might as well have a practice session. I picked up 6 hot dogs. I ate only 5 of them in 12 minutes. The buns are the real killer. Even without the pizza, 10 might be a little too much. I could have a shot at 8 though. All gambling lines are now OFF.
(I have to rework the lines anyways to avoid a potential conflict of interest, since I would be a competitor and bookie.)

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