June 20, 2006

Since my near death experience last week, I've tried to keep myself out of harm's way and hang out only in safe enviroments. And then I started my part time summer gig at Richmond High School.

Despite what you may have seen in Coach Carter, RHS is a very safe place. The 18 man security team and metal detectors sure make me feel at home. (I'm kidding. I don't have metal detectors at home.) I was in a classroom today and as I was looking around, I saw one of those 'In case of emergency' booklets posted on the wall. There were tabs you can flip to for certain emergency situations that might take place at school, such as fire, earthquake, chemical spill, choking, and medical assistance. The last tab was for 'fallen airplane.'

I guess you can't be too safe, but if the terrorists are trying to take out an underachieving high school in California's most dangerous city, well, I don't know what would confuse me more. The fact that the bad guys would have such a lousy plan or the fact that some school administrator actually thought it was enough of a threat to post an emergency booklet for that situation. No wonder the kids can't focus on their studies.

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