June 13, 2006

Last week, I logged into one of my sportsbooks accounts and discovered that I had $11 left in there. (I had not placed any sports bets since the NBA playoffs started about 7 months ago. I thought a bad NBA run near the end of the season had cleaned me out.) I could have taken the money out and used it for lunch, or I could get some World Cup action. Soccer is dangerous because the possibility of a tie screws up everything unless if you actually bet on a draw. Nevertheless, I went with 6 teams in their openers. I learned to read European odds for this event.

Parlay (6 Teams) 06/10/06 03:40 ET
11.00/127.62 (paid 138.62) Result: Wager Won

Portugal 1
Angola 0 [Portugal 1.30]

Croatia 0
Brazil 1 [Brazil 1.41]

Paraguay 0
England 1 [England 1.45]

Ghana 0
Italy 2 [Italy 1.51]

Iran 1
Mexico 3 [Mexico 1.57]

Togo 1
Republic of Korea 2 [Republic of Korea 2.00]

I went with 6 favorites and they all won! (I forgot about my wager and was actually rooting for Ghana yesterday.) My first career 6 team parlay. It could have been an 8 teamer, but I refuse to wager against the US or Ivory Coast. I was going to keep the sportsbook closed until football season started, but turns out a little bonus futbol action didn't hurt. The World Cup is awesome!

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