June 14, 2006

The Continued Awesomeness of the World Cup
(Alternate title: Yet Another Miracle for an Unemployed Small-Time Gambler)

After yesterday's wager paid out, I ended up cashing out most of my sportsbook account because it's going to be tough to top a 6-teamer. And when you're not working, Mr. Franklin and friends can pay for a lot of chalupas. But I left $5.

What could I do with $5?
a) Buy 1.4 gallons of gas
b) Place a minimum bet online and get some more World Cup action
c) Pay for membership at the local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous

Of course I chose b. And what a great choice it was.

Today's World Cup matches and recaps:

Spain vs. Ukraine
Everyone knows the Ukraine is weak. Spain dominated and won 4-0, meaning the USA is now out of last place due to the goal differentials!

Saudi Arabia vs. Tunisia
This was an awesome match. The score was tied at 1 when the Saudis subbed in one of their legends. And just like the in the fairy tales, he scores a goal and gives the Saudis the lead late in the game. But Tunisia comes back strong and in the 2nd minute of stoppage time (bonus time after the buzzer in other sports), they score a clutch goal to get a hard earned point. A tie with a stoppage time goal!

Germany vs. Poland
Germany was favored to win this game, but the Polish goalkeeper was a superstar today. Despite all their great attacks and chances, Germans could not put one in the net and the game remained scoreless into the last minute. In that final minute, a German shot hit off the crossbar, rebounded to another German player, who also put it off the crossbar from point blank range. 2 great chances to score and get a win, but it looked like it was headed for the dreaded tie. But in the extra time, Germany finally managed to put one past the goalie and secure a victory. Yet another clutch goal.

How did this help me?

Parlay (3 Teams) 06/14/06 03:57 ET
5.00/36.36 (paid 41.36) Result: Wager Won

Poland (WC2006) 0
Germany (WC2006) 1
[Germany (WC2006) 1.45]

Ukraine (WC2006) 0
Spain (WC2006) 4 )
[Spain (WC2006) 1.75]

Saudi Arabia (WC2006) 2
Tunisia (WC2006) 2
[Tie 3.26]

My five dollars turned into 8 buy-ins for poker night (I'm going to need it the way I've been playing at Dan's casino). It was the most exciting $35 I ever won. Notice I bet on the SA-Tun game to tie and I was cheering for every German shot attempt in the second half. 2 of the best matches of the Cup so far ended up with stoppage time goals in my favor.

Since I won't be able to watch any matches tomorrow, I'm not going to place any bets. Mad Cal World Cup action may return on Friday.

Thursday is Half Dome Day. Or perhaps Full Doom Day.

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