May 25, 2006

My roommates and I are planning to see a midnight screening of X-Men III tonight. However, I have yet to see X-Men or X2 (despite it being on FX seventeen times this week). I'm not a big fan of comic book movies. I like mostly movies involving saws and really evil bad guys. But I hear the X-Men series is pretty well done, so I have dubbed today Mad Cal's X-Men Movie Day. Not to be confused with the Mad Cal's X-Rated Movie Day. (To avoid further confusion, that is an X-Rated Movie Day sponsored by Mad Cal, not a Day where we show Mad Cal's X-Rated Movies. And no, Mad Cal does not have any X-rated movies or video clips out on the internet. Yet.)

The plan is simple. I have a little more than 8.5 hours to watch the first 2 X-Men movies, then go watch the third one at midnight (or 12:10am). That's the whole X-Men trilogy in a span of less than 12 hours. This should be much easier than when we pulled the Lord of the Rings extended version DVD trifecta a while ago.

5:15pm update: Already 1/3 the way there, so I am well ahead of pace. Gandalf and Captain Picard playing chess together was a nice way to end it. I'm going to take a little break before starting X2.

7:40pm update: After a short nap and time cooking dinner, I start X2. I notice that Curtis, the super-CTU agent from 24 is one of the President's Secret Service protectors in the opening scene. I guess this movie takes place on one of the days Jack Bauer is out playing golf or something.

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