May 2, 2006

I just ate some super sweet chocolate cake and feel like hurling. Too much sugar.

An episode of $40 Dollars a Day with Rachel Ray was just on tv. (I learned the SF episode is going to be on Thurs and Fri.) Just once, I want to see her spend $35.44 on lunch after a $2.73 breakfast and have a real dilemma for dinner. The amazing thing about the show is how she always seems so sastified with these little portions of food. Lunch could be a piece of lettuce with half a potato. Even more amazing is how everything she orders always taste mmmmmmm oh so good after a tiny bite. It would be great to catch her off camera when she complains how crappy the cheap food is and orders her real dinner.

I want to guest host $40 Dollars a Day. The basic Mad Cal plan would be as follows:

Breakfast - $0.00 Sleep is much more worth it. If you need a boost in the morning, spend $0.99 on a 20 oz. Pepsi.

Lunch - $4.89 Combo number 3 from Taco Bell. Make sure to get lots of the hot or fire sauce packets because they all have funny little messages on them to read whie you eat.

Dinner - $13.50 Should cover 2 entrees from any Asian take out restuarant. You may even get a fortune cookie that can be your dessert.

Total - $ $18.39 Take the remaining $21.61 to Best Buy and pick up a dvd for your movie collection. You can only eat a meal once, but you can watch Saw II as many times as you like.

There was a debate among the poker guys about whether Rachel Ray had a boob job. I think no. I do think one of the Iron Chefs may have had some botox injections. But I don't really notice those sort of things when watching the Food Channel. Only while watching Univision. The chicas were muy caliente tonight.

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