May 17, 2006

I did it. I finally broke the bank. And now the money is overflowing.

A few years ago, I somehow got one of those tall novelty alien shaped cups. The kind you get from Vegas or Great America. I started filling this 15 inch high cup with quarters. The plan was to cram the thing full of quarters and then sell it for a thousand dollars on eBay. Whenever it was getting near capacity, I would just shake it down and cram a few more quarters in. A few thousand quarters later, the alien finally had enough. Its head cracked open and coins splattered all over.

I would dump it in the Coinstar machines, but that's about 7 pounds of quarters and those things jam up when I toss in 24 pennies. I'm not sure how much value the quarters have, but I know I could pay rent and still have enough to do at least seventy loads of laundry.

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