April 18, 2006

My favorite Spanish tv programming comes on Univision at midnight. It's a comedy program called La Hora de la Risa. I don't always understand what they are saying, but they're always chasing people around and hitting them with sticks. In my favorite segment, they are supposed to be students in a classroom or something, but they always have on funny costumes. And there's a lot of hot women. There's this one guy that looks straight up like Saddam. He's wearing a sailor outfit today. The women's outfits are much more entertaining.

Occasionally I'll also watch parts of American movies dubbed in Spanish on Telefutura or whatever channel 20 is in our house. (Hey, it's still better than anything on UPN.) They show a lot of action flicks that are probably from the 1970's. Although I see a lot of Van Damne movies and I once saw National Security starring Martin Lawrence. Maybe someday, they will show Black Knight.

I wonder if people in Mexico watch English channels for programs like SNL, where it might not make sense to non-English speakers. I'm sure there is at least one channel in Mexico that shows American soap operas in Spanish.

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