April 20, 2006

I learn a lot of things when I watch tv programs that are produced in English. Shows with educational value include Mythbusters, stuff on the History Channel, cable news, and now even Sportscenter.

I learned that April 20th is National Look-A-Like Day. A quick Google search reveals that April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day. I think the Starburst sour jelly beans I get from Target are better than Jelly Bellys. April 30th is National Honesty Day. Seriously. Would I lie about that?

Back to Look-A-Like Day. ESPN was comparing people in the sports world who look alike. I do not have a twin. Back in my days at UC Berkeley, I did have a name twin. There was another Calvin K Poon registered there the same time I was, but I think he was one or two years older. This past week, my mom and my grandma thought they saw someone who looked just like me eating at a restuarant they went to. I was not in San Francisco that day, so it was definitely not me.

Having a twin would drive me crazy and probably drive everyone else crazier. I would do all these evil deeds and blame them on my real life stunt double. Although with 2 of me, we could work together and I would have to do only half as much work on my way to world domination. Maybe I should consider making a clone of myself. Except I'll make him a little smaller, maybe 1/8 my size. That plan is so brilliant I wonder if any other evil genius has ever thought of it.

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