April 23, 2006

God's great sense of humor always amazes me.

I was driving out to church tonight and while on the freeway, I thought to myself that it would be really cool if I learned to do that really loud whistle with my fingers in my mouth thing. (Some people think about traffic or if they're on time, I think about stuff like this while driving.) So I tried that a couple times while changing lanes but couldn't get it to work by the time my exit arrived.

After the service, as I was helping with the clean up, I saw a few guys sticking their fingers in their mouths and trying hard to whistle. I had a good laugh and joined the group. Apparently, one of the guys, Scott, has the spiritual gift of whistling and was trying to teach the other two how to do that fingers in the mouth whistle thing. So for the next few minutes, there were the three of us getting drool all over our fingers and blowing like idiots. I still need some practice before I can consistently do the whistle, but it's good to know that I still learn something new from church every week.

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