February 6, 2006

The Super Bowl was not that super. Did not watch the halftime, pre-game, or post-game shows. Didn't really care for the overpriced/overhyped commercials (Companies should save their money and sponsor a car in a NASCAR race instead). Maybe we should have ordered the Lingerie Bowl on pay-per-view. But it's going to be a while before another meaningful football game is played, so I wanted to get my last fix in. Arena football does not qualify as meaningful.

2 additions were made to the Blacklist for next season: Joey Porter and Ben Roethlishamburger.
All Porter needed to do was make 4 tackles during the game. Despite all the trash talk he only got 3. Which is 2 more tackles than Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck got.
I'm more upset at Ben Roethlishamburger becasue he tossed 2 interceptions during the game. It would have been okay if the defenders had made great plays to get the picks, but they were both just lousy decisions by Ben. It would also have been okay if it were not the only prop bet in a 5 bet parlay that did not cover. 5!! #@%#$@!! (I know, I'm too greedy, but someday....)

Now that football season is over, it's time for me to focus on futbol. I was never really much of a soccer fan, but there is World Cup action coming this summer. (My early World Cup pick is France. Neighboring Germany is the host and France still has the Euro Cup 2004 fury.) I also thought that I could start getting back into running shape by playing soccer. There is a staff vs students soccer game at Adams in a few weeks and I want to dominate the little bastards.

I even signed up for a team on hattrick.org which is some super serious die-hard fantasy soccer fantasy league. The rules are complicated as heck and it's going to take my team a few months just to be competitive, so we'll see how long I keep at it. My team name is the Yellow Cards. I currently have a fantasy hockey team named Game Misconduct. I should change one of my basketball team names to the Flagrant Fouls. Of course, playing sports, fantasy or otherwise, is all about good sportsmanship.

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