February 3, 2006

Super Bowl Picks:

Picking this game is easy. Steelers -4.5.

Picking some of the SB props is not so easy, but infinitely more fun. Here's some of the ones I took.

Will Shaun Alexander score a TD in the first half: YES

WIll both teams make a FG of 33 yards or longer? NO

Joe Jurevicius - Total Receiving Yards on first Reception: Under 8.5

Joey Porter total tackles: Over 3.5 For all the smack he has been talking, he better get 3 tackles in the first quarter alone.

Cedric Wilson receiving yards: Under 42.5 This guy wasn't good enough for the 49ers. He will be lucky to get 2 passes thrown to him.

SB MVP: I took Jerome Bettis at 4-1. Usually the QB's get the glory, but the Bus has been getting all the hometown hype and love. If he scores even 1 TD, the award is his.

My site has the opening coin toss at heads (-105) and tails (even). This doesn't make sense to most people, but I've done some research on this. Apparently the special coins they use for the opening toss are made with the head side a tiny bit heavier than the tail side, because the heads side picture is bigger than the tails side picture, making the coins just slightly heads-heavy. Even with that, I'm not betting on this. (I can however, flip a quarter so I can get a heads result over 70% of the time.)

I took 2 sqaures in the Adams staff scoring pool. I have Seattle 6, Pittsburg 3 and Seattle 1, Pitt 5. 5's are the worst draws in these pools.

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