January 3, 2006

Since getting the DVR from Comcast, my tv viewing time is much more efficient. (Though not as entertaining as smashing tv's. I'll see if I can find a way to host that video somewhere.) The 2 tuner digital recorder essentially turns our 5 tv system into a virtual 6-pack of entertainment. But with the college football season ending, I will admit that the 5 tv's probably won't be used to their full potential. (Notice my picks are doing much better this week. That's cause I'm BCS clutch, unlike Penn State's and FSU's kickers.)

On my series recording list so far:

Arrested Development - Please watch this show, not that they're desperate for rating or anything.

The Office - I probably will never have an office job. I would host Office Olympics every week with events like the stapler shootout and paper jam races.

Scrubs - If I get sick, send me to Zack Braff and pals.

Robot Chicken - Surpassed Aqua Teen as my favorite Cartoon Network show.

Boondocks - This show is even funnier when you actually live in the hood.

NFL Matchup - Watching this show gives me a +2 in Awareness for my Madden player rating.

Las Vegas - A show about my favorite city that features hot girls. And James Caan.

I'm thinking of adding Rollergirls. I'm not really into reality-type documentaries, but this show is total white trailer trash. Which means it's perfect for me. I found the pilot episode very entertaining. Must be the NASCAR influence. I would probably set more series recordings, but I got to save some space on the machine so Jason can record What Not to Wear and Dancing with the Stars.

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