December 23, 2005

Things on the never ever do again list:

- To test the expiration date on milk. The milk will win every time.

- Draft Jamal Lewis in the first 4 rounds of any draft. Not even in the NFL Prison League. I would consider taking Rae Carruth before Lewis. (Remember that crazy fool?)

- Drive to Las Vegas from the Bay Area. The company during the ride was cool, but that's just too many hours that could be spent losing money at the casinos.

- Pull LL Cool J's lever. Cause he'll explode. And his nine is easy to load.

Las Vegas Bowl notes:

- One Cal played like crap and won. Another Cal played craps and lost.

- I have never seen so many Mormons in one place outside of Utah. It's hard to taunt them. What can you say to a BYU fan and his wives at a game? I think all the beer vendors moved to the Cal side by halftime.

- Even though I was running late, I stopped at the merchandise booth and bought a Cal Vegas Bowl t-shirt for $20 just because the girl working there was cute. I got into the stadium just in time to see the first TD.

Bowl game record: 1-0. I'm undefeated.
Bowl game picks to date: 0-5. Another perfect record.

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