November 20, 2005

Poker Bastard's Tourneys: -$13
NCAA action: even
NFL action: -$20
Lifetime membership for Gamblers Anonymous: priceless

I was going after the bounty to knock Dan out of his own tournament. The only problem was any time Dan went all-in, one guy with a big chip stack behind me was always in on the action and even though I though I felt I had Dan beat, I wasn't sure about the other guy (I think his name was Ricardo). One hand, Ricardo was already in, Dan goes all in and I have 4-4. I'm sure Dan only has 2 over cards like A-J or some crap like that and I was hoping that Rick had similar over-cards, so I call and somehow we end up in a 3-way all-in situation.

Dan turns over K-9 or some crap like that. Ricardo had A-10, so I've got a lot of bullets to dodge.
Flop: A-10-something not a king. But I'm thinking I still have 2 outs with 2 cards to go.
Turn: 4!!!! YES!!! I'm going to triple up and collect Dan's bounty!! I've got them both dominated! Until....
River: Ace!!! One of 4 cards left that could have beaten me. Opponents's freaking 2 pair super-sized into a house that beats my house.
Even though I made the 'final table' I am crippled and finish in 9th place. At least I got $7 back when I placed 3rd in the smaller follow-up tourney.

Cal finally covered when I put money on them. Too bad their Big Game victory was offset by Alabama's lousy performance in the Iron Bowl against Auburn.

The Carolina Panthers are now on Mad Cal's blacklist. The Panthers were also involved in the only losing proposition in the legendary 11 for 12 teaser card from a few weeks back.

The only football game I care about this week is the CBC Turkey Bowl (9am @ West Sunset playground in SF). Come out and play. The early line is whichever team has Ben is favored by 14.

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