November 21, 2005

De got some great seats for the Warriors-Nets game tonight, so we went expecting to see a dunkfest with Jason Richardson, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson. Instead we saw Troy Murphy dominate on Troy Murphy poster night. (Sorry, Allan, I left my poster at the Arena.) Murphy did more than dominate; he won me $160.

De kept on complaining how Murphy only hits 1 of 2 every time he shoots free throws. He offers $20 if Murphy can hit both free throws. Sinks them both. Three minutes later, double or nothing. 2 more made free throws. De can't believe this streak, so the next time he gets fouled, we go double or nothing again. Murphy makes 2 of 2, I'm up $80. Troy gets hacked again and De is convinced that Murphy has never hit 8 straight free throws in his life, so we go one last time, double or nothing. And maybe it was just because it was his poster night, but Murphy makes 2 more. (Chances that I will see any of this $160 are slim to none.)

Because we were so close to the action, I got to see the real reason the Warriors are doing better this season. Some will say it's because of Baron Davis, but I have another theory, and stop me if you've heard this before, and that is the team has upgraded in the Warrior Girls department. Stupid Thunder was doing some flips or something and actually knocked down one of the cheerleaders. She did not come out on the floor during the last timeout. For the Warriors' sake, let's hope she recovers in time for the next home game.

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