October 7, 2005

The other day, they just shut down an illegal Vegas-style gambling ring here in Hawaii before I got to check it out. Maybe I should have brought my chips and started a little side business here.

Why do people always call their guaranteed winning football picks Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks? If you are wrong, can I knock you out cold with a lead pipe?
In any case, I like Boston College -7, Texas -14, and Caliornia (+1)to win. Those that prefer the pro game, take the Rams -3 and the under in any game the Jets play.

The Red Sox just got eliminated. Watching sports on Hawaii time is kind of tough. 7pm ET is 1pm here. That means NFL action on Sunday starts at 7am. But I guess most Hawaiian natives don't care too much about sports on the mainland. The sports page covers mostly high school sports. I wonder if I can find the line for the Maui high game.

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