October 19, 2005

One of the reasons we watch sports is because every time they play a game, there is a chance that you will see something that you have never seen before or that you will witness an amazing play that may never be seen again.

Well, I was amazed at the Warriors game tonight. It wasn't Baron Davis' no-look alley-oop pass or Steve Nash's driving layups. I was amazed that the refs actually called a player for travelling. In the NBA! And it happened twice, both times against the Warriors. Golden State was even called for carrying on one play. It's nice to know that the Association isn't playing by And 1 rules.

Guess the players can't wear their And 1 gear anymore either. The NBA 'dress code' is stupid. Even Tim Duncan called it 'retarded.' Related dress code thought I was thinking about today: Are players reguired* to play in shorts? Why can't a player enter the game wearing team warmups or sweats with his number? (Baseball lets pitchers on the basepaths wear jackets.)

*I know this word is spelled wrong. For some unknown reason, the key for the letter that comes after p decided to stop working on my keyboard just now, so I used the letter that looks most like it. The 1,2,w,s,a, caps lock and tab keys all work fine. I'm just glad it's one of the 10 point Scrabble letter that's broken. If I lost a more relevant letter, this post would have looked like it was typed by edxors.

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