October 2, 2005

If the 49ers were to play a game against the top college team right now, the line would probably be 49ers +2.5 at USC.

The Niners allowed 31 unanswered point to Arizona. I can't even score 31 at the All-Pro Level with Arizona in Madden. Pretty sad. Maybe they should have challenged the Cardinals to a game of futbol. Then again, in their game against Brazil the Mexican youth soccer team scored more than the Niners offense. Maybe they can go play the Seahawks game in Canada to complete the North America Tri-suckta.

If I were to ever coach high school football, I would take my playbook straight out of Madden. All the kids play it, so it should be easy to pick up. Even use the same audibles. "Triangle, circle, up. Triangle, circle, up!" Any team I coach would be no worse than a 12 point underdog to the 49ers.

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