September 5, 2005

We go from online poker to something only slightly less aggravating: the great game of golf. Another holiday, another tournament in the Norman Lau Golf Tour. The Labor Day event was held at SkyWest Golf Course in Hayward. I played pretty bad. In fact, I think I had the worst net score today. But somehow, I am still in championship contention. Blame Norm's crazy system.

I did win a modified steak/prime rib challenge. Once again, we failed to work out an official steak challenge before we teed off. But on the 12th hole, Benard made a bold proclaimation that he would get no more double digit scores for the remainder of the round. This became the basis of out modified steak challenge, sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. And thanks to an unplayable lie ruling on the par 5 14th hole, I have a dinner coming my way in the near future.

I have been playing a lot of golf lately. I think I am enjoying the unemployed life a little too much. We'll see what happens when I can't afford to pay for green fees (or rent) anymore.

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