September 26, 2005

In my opinion, the quality of professional wrestling has gone down in recent years. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't watch Raw or Smackdown once in a while.

One of my compaints is guys who can't come up with good character names. (Unless if you're Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle, who are two of my favorites.) John Cena doesn't sound all that cool, but at least he has a spinner championship belt. Guys named Shelton Benjamin or Rob Conway (I found them on the WWE site) don't exactly seem all that exciting to me. Reminds me of Bob Backland and losers like that.

The storylines are just plain ridiculous. I will not waste time or words to elaborate.

I guess another thing is the old guys never want to leave. (Once again, Shawn Michaels is exempt.) Ric Flair, who must be at least 60 years old, wrestles guys a third his age and somehow the young guys can't counter his figure 4 and Whooooo slaps. Hulk Hogan keeps making surprise appearances and does his 2 miles per hour leg drop. I even saw the old Legion of Doom make an appearance not so long ago. They should have their own senior circuit, kind of like the Champions Tour in golf, but everyone has the Jerry Rice never want to leave the limelight mentality. Until you suffer enough injuries like Mankind to finally call it quits. But it's kind of sad when guys who used to be the WWE Champ, such as Booker T, get reduced to performing on the smaller shows (like the Sunday night or weekend editions).

One thing I have no complaints about regarding the WWE: Torrie Wilson. I think she has moved slightly ahead of Stacy Keibler on the hot diva list.

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