July 21, 2005

I had a left front tire going down. I had a full size spare tire on there for a few days, but I replaced it today with a new front set. When I put the spare tire on, I left the cheapo Toyota hubcap off and I liked how the bare wheel looked. So now that I got the front tires replaced, I popped all the hubcaps off. Some might say it's ghetto (hey my windhield already has a 28 inch crack, okay?), but I call it the NASCAR look. Now if people want to steal my wheels, it will only take them 14.7 seconds to do so.

Jeff Gordon's recent slump is my fault. It's not the curse of 'Wrigley Stadium.' It's the curse of not keeping all action/sports figures in mint condition by leaving them in their clear plastic box. I have a bunch of Jeff Gordon NASCAR figures made by Mcfarlane. Of course, I have one of each variant (different uniform, pose, whatever). Then one day I picked up a duplicate in the clearance section and because I now had two of this exact figure, I decided to actually open one and display it on my desk. It was the week after his win at Martinsville.

Jeff Gordon's finishes up to Martinville: 1, 30, 4, 39, 15, 1. Avg place: 15th. Not great, but he did win Daytona and 2 of the first 6 races.
Jeff Gordon's finishes after Martinsville: 15, 12, 1, 2, 39, 30, 9, 32, 33, 7, 33, 25. Avg place: 21st. Way too many finishes in the 30's for the 4 time series champion 24 team.

(Now that I look at my shelf, there's an opened Barry Bonds bobblehead. Sorry Giants fans. My bad.)

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